About Us

Jeremy Thomas

Fully Qualified Buildings Surveyor With 30 Years
Property Industry Experience.

I have been working in the property sector since 1988 when I started as a trainee negotiator in a firm of Estate Agents. I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of residential property having surveyed many thousands of all types of property over the y ears. I work closely with my clients to ensure that the final report and advice given in the report is exactly what they need in order to make a reasoned judgement about buying a property. My agency experience also helps me to understand the whole process of buying and selling a property which can as we all know sometimes be stressful. I am also an active developer of residential property and have been hands on in the refurbishment and extension of several projects.

My approach to surveying property is thorough and I aim to leave no stone unturned during my inspection of the property. If access is possible then I’ll look at every single part of the property in as much detail as I can; this includes going into the loft space and using ladders to access any other accessible parts such as flat roofs. On several occasions I have used this more physical approach to surveying to gain access to the main roof surface and have also had inspection pits excavated where possible problems with foundations were suspected . The advice I provide in my report will be clear and easy to understand and will be supplemented by a range of photographs to help illustrate the condition of the property. If there is a problem then I’ll tell you what it is, what caused it and what needs to be done to rectify it. I try not to be the type of surveyor who relies on get out clauses or who just recommends specialist advice for areas of potential issue, I personally don’t think this is fair to the client. The client pays for an expert opinion on the condition of the whole of the property and this is what is provided in the report.

Report delivery is as quick as possible. Under normal circumstances the report is ready on the day after inspection. We use a drop box system so the report & photographs are uploaded to a digital file which is then made immediately available to the client. The hard copy and photographs are then sent by Royal Mail. Using this system we can ensure that the client gets the report as quickly and efficiently as is possible. I have a recent increase in the amount of clients who want to come with me during the survey inspection and this isn’t a problem for me. We do however need to get confirmation from the estate agents and property seller to ensure that this is pos sible. During the whole process, before during & after you’ll have direct contact with me and I’ll be there to answer any questions you may have.

Here’s a brief summary of my experience

1988 to 1989: Sales negotiator in an estate agency.

1989 to 1995: Employed by HMRC as a trainee surveyor. Gained my Diploma in Surveying from Reading University by distance learning and qualified a surveyor in 1995.

1995 to 1999: Established my own Chartered Surveying and Estate Agency firm.

1999 to 2006: Sold my business and joined a larger firm of Chartered Surveyors as an associate director. Became Director of a regional firm of Chartered Surveyors specialising in mortgage valuations, homebuyer reports & buildings surveys.

2006 to present: Self employed independent buildings surveyor focussing solely on the provision of surveys for individual clients.